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Wireless Standard – ISA100


This document is designed as a very brief introduction to the ISA100 wireless standard. The link page points to additional websites where more information is available.

The ISA is an industrial trade organization composed of over 30,000 members and has developed hundreds of standards for industrial and process control. The ISA100 standard was developed under the auspices of the ISA.

ISA100 operates in the 2.4 Gigahertz band using the IEEE 802.15.4 radio standard with direct sequence spread spectrum communication. It is a mesh network with redundancy. The standard was primarily established for use in process control applications but there are working groups for factory automation applications. The standard can use TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) to transmit information. TDMA assigns slots in the communication channel for data transmission and reception of data. ISA100 also has the capability to use CSMA/CD (listen before talk)  which does not require accurate clock synchronization. The standard also utilizes a frequency hopping technique to minimize interference on the network. The standard defines 12 channels for hopping.

ISA100 is not an ad hoc network in the sense that it requires both a centralized network manager and security manager. The Network Manager  is responsible for configuring the network, scheduling communications between devices, managing message routes, and monitoring network health.

Additional information regarding ISA100 can be obtained at the ISA website website  (

WiHART Systems provides  an  ISA100 module for integration into OEM products and it is also used in the WIVIB1 wireless vibration unit

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