Two  DASH7 modules will be released in 3rd quarter 2010.  These devices will be based on the TI MSP430 microprocessor and the TI 1101 radio.  One implementation will utilize an external amplilfier for higher power and longer range.  These devices will have programmable power control to reduce power to conserve battery life. They will use the DASH7 open source software "Opentag" and will be compliance certified by the DASH7 Alliance spedified compliance laboratory,  The external 433 MHz radio  has been designed , tested and is operational. 

This TI CC1101 radio module will be interfaced to the MSP430 microprocessor with additional sensors on board.

The 433 MHz radio is available as an OEM module for OEMs who wish to design and build their own products and use a tested RF module to reduce costs and development time.  See wireless module section for complete description of module.   Samples are available now.  Contact factory for OEM pricing.

The high powered module is intended for utilization as a DASH7 gateway for connection to a PC, smart phone, PDA or the Internet.

DASH7 Node with GPS

Figure 1 shows the basic DASH7 node with GPS.  It also contains an optional 3-axis accelerometer which will indicate motion and cause the unit to emerge from the battery saving sleep mode.

Figure 1


DASH7 Gateway

The DASH7 gateway utilizes a separate microprocessor and a more powerful radio with an external amplifier.  It also has a USB interface to connect directly to a PC, laptop, smart phone, PDA, etc.

Figure 2


DASH7 with WiFi connectivity

The DASH7 Gateway unit and the basic DASH7 node can be upgraded to include a very low power Wi-Fi module as seen in Figure 3.  The Wi-Fi will automatically connect to an access point and the information from the DASH7 network can be placed on a server on the internet.  Using this technique, graphical mapping software can be used in conjunction with DASH7 position determination

Figure 3



DASH7 with GPRS Cell Modem

Description of GPRS cell modem is here.

EPC Global GEN 2 Passive RFID

The DASH7  Active RFID Modules can be interfaced to a passive RFID EPC Global GEN 2 reader so as to combine both passive and active RFIDs in one unit.   The 18000-6 RFID passive reader can read information over  longer distances from remotely placed passive RFIDs.

ISO 18000-6 RFID Reader (EPC Global GEN 2)

ISO 18000-6 RFID Reader (EPC Global GEN 2)


Frequency  840MHz ~ 960MHz

Host Communication UART(TTL): 115.2 Kbps

8 data bits / No parity / 1 stop bit

Physical Dimension

Length: 33.0mm (~1.3 inches)

Width: 39.0mm (~1.5 inches)

Height: 7.5mm (~.2.inches)

Weight: 15.0g (0.55 oz)

Environment Storage Temperature: -20°C to 80°C

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C

Regulatory Support

FCC 15.247

Additional specifications

Air Interface Protocols EPC C1G2 / ISO 18000-6C, ISO 18000-6B
RF Output Power Adjustable 13-30 dBm with 1 dB steps
Power Accuracy: ±0.5 dBm
Average Current Consumption  Idle/Sleep Mode: < 600μA
Scan Mode: 1.3 A @ 30 dBm

Supply Voltage 4.0 V, (3.7V~4.2V)

Antenna Connection 50 Ω port with CMP (Coaxial Micro Plugs) VSWR 1.5:1 or lower for best performance

Read Performance

Read range up to 6 meters for a single tag. Anti-collision performance up to 100 tags/second


The WiHART Systems NFC module is described here.



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