RFID - NFC Module



RFID - NFC core module 30.5 x 30.5 x 4.0 mm




Near Field Communication(NFC) is a wireless RFID technology which is an extension of the ISO14443A RFID tag technology. It operates in the 13.56 MHz RF band and has a maximum data rate of 424k baud. It has a very short range of about 10 cm (~ 4 inches). NFC has additional functionality in that there can be two active NFC devices communicating with one another. The protocol for the link between two NFC devices is governed by ISO18092. NFC is both a read and write technology. NFC communicates by magnetic induction technology over a very short range. In order to better understand NFC we should examine its major market at the present time.

The NFC technology was primarily designed for utilization in a cell phone. When the cell phone with the NFC electronics on board encounter an NFC reader the two units exchange information. This information can be used for purchasing merchandise, identifying and authenticating users and a host of other applications. For example the cell phone could be used with a reader to open a door, authenticate an individual at an ATM machine, or configure/read an industrial device using a smart cell phone or PDA. Since the communication range is very short, NFC is inherently secure. The ISO14443A technology is extensively used in transportation systems and is known as Mi-Fare

The NFC module can be interfaced via UART, SPI or I2C serial interfaces. The module can use a variety of external antennas. It supports all major transponders compliant with:

NFC Tag Type 1, 2, 3, 4. Besides peer-to-peer communication (ISO18092), it covers Innovision, FeliCa (unsecured mode) as well as NXP MIFARE Ultralight / C, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire /EV1 (without additional SAM) and Infineon my-d move.

In industrial applications NFC can be used for asset management, security and configuration instead of infrared controllers or attaching alligator clips to a sensor device. This is technology for the 21st century mobile worker It is the integration of modern low cost commercial devices into the industrial sector.

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