Cell Modem (GPRS)

Wireless GPRS Cellular Modem Module for WiWIZ1, DASH7 and uSIM


58 X 32 X 3.9 mm




The GPRS Cell Modem is a complete GSM/GPRS Quad-Band Cellular module with industrial connectors, measuring only 58 x 32 x 3.9mm which enables the design of extremely compact applications. The modem has a built in SIM card interface.


*Core processor: ARM7, 32 bit, 52MHz running open AT® RTOS as standard

*Memory internal: 32Mb Flash and up to 16Mb SRAM or PSRAM

*Digital control: 11 IOs, 1 INT, 1 SPI, 1 I2C, 5 x 5 keyboard

*Digital comms: 2 UART

*Analogue interfaces: 1 ADC

*Audio interfaces 2 analog differential audio

*Cellular radio supporting: 850-900-1800-1900MHz GSM band

*Cellular data: GSM standard SMS, Fax, CSD (circuit), GPRS cl 10 (packet)

*Cellular voice: supported codecs (FR/EFR/AMR ) (HR as option), VDA2 C

*RF and IO connectivity multiple RF connections possibility (UFL, MMS, connection which allows to support board to board solution, 60 I/O Pins connector

*Dimensions (L x W x H): 58 x 32 x 3.9mm

*Data rate: CSD state maximum speed 85.6Kbps

*Weight: 10g



The GSM quad band modem connects the WiWiz1 ,uSIM or any other device with an asynchronous serial port, to the cellular network. Information from the local wireless sensor network such as Wireless HART, Zigbee, ISA100, etc. can be sent over the cellular network from remote locations. Mobile networks can be built where the local sensor network is collecting data while in motion and sending data back to a website or server on a periodic basis. The GPS unit can be used for asset management to determine the location of tanks, containers and other movable systems. The device is programmed and controlled through a simple AT command software interface.






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