GPRS (cell modem)

GPRS Cellular Modem for Mobile Wireless Applications (machine to machine communication)




58 x 32 x 3.9mm





General packet radio service (GPRS) is a packet oriented mobile service available to users of the 2G GSM cellular network. It is available worldwide. It is intended for burst data transmission at between 60-80 kilobits/second (Class 10). GPRS utilizes the Internet Protocol TCP/IP and data is transmitted/received in a TCP/IP packet format identical to an Internet connection. It is a best effort packet transmission using a UDP packet service.


The mobile cellular unit has a complete TCP/IP stack and an IP address. The GPRS system stores and forwards packets to the remote device. This type of connection is often referred to as machine to machine communication and is intended for short bursts of periodic data.


The WiWIZ1 can utilize a GPRS modem module which is connected to the application processor via an asynchronous serial port. In addition, the wireless mesh network is still operational and can obtain information from a variety of sensors. The sensor information is sent to the GPRS cellular modem for transmission over a TCP/IP connection to a web server.


The information can be examined using a web browser (Explorer/Firefox, etc) from a PC or using a cell phones such as the Apple iphone or Android (Google) based phones.


It is often the case that the GPRS modem is used in conjunction with a GPS unit to provide tracking of objects with exact timing available from the GPS system. A typical application would be the tracking of moving vehicles and containers. The WiWIZ1 can be used in a tracking and sensor application.


For example a container could have multiple sensors to measure environmental or security parameters. These sensor measurements would be sent over the GPRS modem in a burst mode which would include the exact position of the container and the time of sensor measurements. The smart monitored container could be queried at any time for updates via the cellular networks. Asynchronous alarms could be sent if preprogrammed thresholds were set.


The GPRS unit is quad band cellular unit and coverage is available world wide.


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