WiVIB1 Wireless Vib Sensor

Single /Triple Axis Wireless Vibration Sensing and Measurement with Vibration Switch Functionality Using uSIM

WiHART Systems has introduced a game changing approach to the implementation of vibration measurement for condition based maintenance and the construction of vibration switches.. The traditional technique for detecting and monitoring vibration has been the use of the piezoelectric sensors connected to large wire based infrastructure. In addition there has been a separation between products that do monitoring and products that shut the device down when an anomalous vibration signature is detected. WiHART systems has introduced a wireless vibration monitor which acts both as both a vibration switch and a sensor suitable for analysis of long term vibration.

Piezoelectric sensors are used as accelerometers to detect motion and have been used for condition based maintenance of moving parts such as motors and fans, etc. for many years. There has been a rapid development of new vibration measurement devices based on semiconductor manufacturing technology and nanotechnology.

More then 10 years ago semiconductor companies began building accelerometers on a chip. The technology is known as MEMS ( Micro ElectroMechanical Machines) which is a form of nanotechnology. Originally the MEMS accelerometers were used for initiating airbag deployment in the event of automobile accidents. Millions have been produced for this application as well as for use in video games, cell phones and other commercial applications. These accelerometers did not have the bandwidth and high sampling rate for industrial vibration monitoring.

This has changed and WiHART system has designed a wireless vibration sensor based solely(100%) on solid state technology. The WiVIB1 is a complete wireless vibration sensor in a ~1 square inch package(size of postage stamp) which includes sensor, radio, powerful RISC microprocessor and optional solid state relay. The device has a sampling rate of ~100K samples/second and a 22 kHz bandwidth. The device can analyze the spectrum and will detect spikes based on programmable thresholds. A built in temperature sensor also reports temperature alarms.

The WiVIB1 can be configured to act independently as a vibration switch and at the same time notify the control room of the status of the switch state and send alarms if required. When acting in the switch mode the unit can simultaneously send vibration data for storage and analysis.

The WiVIB1 uses a solid state relay to control the external device. The WiVIB1 is battery powered. Vibration measurement and control for the 21st century is here now from WiHART Systems, the no wires company. For a complete description and data sheet for the most advanced vibration monitoring and vibration switch product available today click WiVib1.

3-AXIS Vibration Sensing

Using current piezoelectric technology if you wish to use 3-axis vibration sensing (roll, pitch and yaw) it is necessary to use 3 piezoelectric sensors in conjunction with three wires to connect to complex data acquisition electronics. WiHART Systems WiVIB1 is available in a 3-axis unit which is all digital and operates in the same manner as the single axis unit


3 axis accelerometer with US quarter and 2 Euro coins




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