Wireless Micro Sensor Interface Modules(uSIM) For Measurement and Control

WiHART Systems is introducing the first of a planned series of very small, low cost, battery powered wireless sensors for industrial use. The initial series is intended for vibration measurement and vibration switches.

The units will be approximately 1 square inch in size complete with sensor, RISC microprocessor and and a choice of standard wireless radio. The WiVib1 can be ordered with with a standard IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee), ISA100 and a ultra low power WiFi radio. (see data sheet under uSIMs).

The uSIMs have ultra low power microprocessors which can be programmed using free development packages which include IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with editor, debugger and C compiler. (15.4 and WiFi) Some models of the uSIM will use two ultra low power microprocessors, one of which will execute the wireless protocol and a separate microprocessor that is used for application programming, sensor data acquisition and control. In the case of the WiVib1 the microprocessor will be notified of anomalous vibration characteristics and then shut down an errant device with a solid state relay (SSR),

The the uSIMs with standard IEEE 802.15.4 radios and will utilize mesh networks for peer to peer operations. The WiFi based uSIM will be able to use standard WiFi access points and can also be configured for ad-hoc peer to peer operation. Thus the uSIM units can be integrated into presently available WiFi networks and the Internet.

WiHART Systems will supply an industrial access point with two 802.11 radios. One radio acts as a standard access point and the second radio is for a backbone network with 802.11a running in the 5 gigahertz band.

(Other uSIMs are in the planning stage. Watch this white paper because it will be updated on a continual basis – stay tuned)



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