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WiHART Systems is an industrial wireless networking company. We are wireless protocol agnostic. Our guiding architectural design philosophy is based on the fact that there are numerous standardized wireless protocols in the market place. Each of these protocols has specific strengths for different applications. Every customer must examine and evaluate which wireless technique is best for their application. It may be that  different protocols are best suited for specific applications where each RF protocol matches the distinct requirements of that application. We can help in the decision making process especially for companies with presently available wired networks.

The industrial wireless field sensing network is not an isolated system.  It must connect and communicate with other wired and wireless networks.  This integration is a critical ingredient in any wireless implementation.   One of our goals is to bring together  the disparate wired and wireless techniques in a coherent manner using the Internet and other communication technologies and protocols. 

Two (2) industrial wireless protocols have been recently ratified and have begun field implementations. They are Wireless HART and ISA100. These two protocols have been specifically designed for industrial/process applications. WiHART Systems supports both Wireless HART and ISA100. The industrial wireless world is not confined to these two protocols. WiHART Systems is a “no wires” company and we support a great many wireless protocols with the introduction of the WiWIZ1 development and application platform. Any and all of the wireless protocols supported by WiHART Systems can find a place in the industrial wireless world. The WiWIZ1 supports numerous wireless protocols by having a totally modular architecture, allowing the utilization of specific self contained modules to implement each wireless protocol. A customer can select any of the following modules for inclusion on the WiWIZ1:

 - Wireless HART

 - ISA100

 - WiFi (802.11) (end-node)

 - Bluetooth

 - Cell modem (GPRS)

 - GPS

 - RFID – NFC (Near Field Communication)

 - Zigbee

 - 802.11 (industrial access point and backbone)

 - Ethernet ( gateway with Internet link and web server)

 - DASH7 (3rd qtr 2010)

The WiWIZ1 can be ordered with any of these modules. (see WiWIZ1 data sheet)

The WiWIZ1 separates the wireless protocol and the application by using two separate and distinct processors. Thus application development is separated from the RF protocol processing using separate and distinct microprocessors for each function. The same application software can be run with different wireless protocols. WiHART Systems provides a free, open source software development environment including an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), consisting of editor, debugger and C compiler.

DASH7 Asset Tracking

One of major impediments in the commercial market for container tracking and other logistics applications has been the lack of standards.  There are approximately 76 million marine cargo containers worldwide used in global commerce.  In order for wireless devices to gain wide spread acceptance there must be a global standard usable in all ports of entry by the myriad of shipping companies.  DASH7 is that standard designed specifically for asset tracking and it has been adopted by the U.S. and other western military powers. Their shipping volumes are sufficient to propel market acceptance of DASH7.

DASH7 as presently implemented can be used not only on marine containers but in all mobile devices that have to be tracked.  Other areas include airline containers, railroads, industrial and military vehicles, forklifts with battery status, etc.  Since the device is an active RFID it can also be used for security applications when implemented with sensors.

Micro Sensor Interface Modules (uSIM)

In keeping with our independent approach to the choice of wireless protocols, WiHART Systems has introduced a new and powerful series of modules called micro sensor interface modules (uSIMs). These modules are less than one square inch (about the size of a postage stamp) and contain complete functionality with sensor, powerful RISC application processor and radio for the RF protocol. The first of these uSIMs is a game changing vibration monitor/switch (WiVIB1) using solid state vibration sensors based on nanotechnology (MEMS).  These new semiconductor devices match or exceed the capabilities of piezoelectric devices which have been used for many years. Additional uSIMS will be coming soon. Look through our website and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

WiHART Systems' goal is to continue to bring game changing innovation to industrial wireless communication systems.

Latest News

04-17-2010 | DASH7

WiHART Sytems announces a DASH7 product for Asset Tracking and Sensor data acquisition.  DASH7 is the  RF protocol standard IEC 18000-7.  It operates at the unlicensed 433 MHz band for long distance communication with low noise propagation.   The 433 MHz band is glob...


04-04-2010 | WiVIB1

WiHART Systems announces game changing technology for wireless vibration measurement and condition based maintenance.  With the introduction of the WiVIB1 wireless vibration module WiHART Systems brings vibration sensing into the 21st century.  The tiny device which is about 1" square i...


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